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Cost-effective solutions to your plastics welding and joining problems

We are one of the UK's leading manufacturers and supplier of plastics welding machines and equipment.

We produce and supply an extensive range of thermoplastic welding machines and equipment specialising in ultrasonic welders (standard & special purpose), spin welders, infrared & hot plate welders, vibration & welders plus ultrasonic tooling in a wide range of frequencies, location fixtures and servicing.

Due to our vast experience and knowledge with welding and joining technologies means we have been able to continually expand our services internationally throughout Europe, USA and beyond. With over 30 years’ experience working with clients from around the world, we proudly offer you a quality service helping your company achieve commercially viable solutions to your plastics welding and joining issues.


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We are engineers first, and our aim is to ensure your end product is right. We want you to get the right welding process, the right machine and the right tooling to get the perfect welding result for your customer.


We were established in 2002 and have more than 90 years combined experience with our in-house team of engineers. With our apprenticeships, we are also looking to the future by investing in the next generation of welding engineers.

Quality assured

We have extensive quality systems and are ISO 9001 accredited. So you can be certain of a quality product.

Latest technology

We are constantly investing in the latest technology, control systems, CAD, and in-house manufacturing tools and even exploring robotics to ensure we can give you cutting edge solutions to your welding needs.


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