EV Battery Welders

EV Battery Welders

For larger stacks of foils, tabs, and busbar welding applications, TECH-SONIC developed a direct-drive, heavy-duty model of 3.6kW ultrasonic spot welding machine, model US-3620SH. This direct drive ultrasonic spot welding machine uses a larger servo motor directly mobilizing the weld head for increased control and efficiency allowing users to increase their capabilities without increasing power requirement. TECH-SONIC has gone beyond the latest ultrasonic metal welding technology by adding servomechanism control to ultrasonic welding. Thus, producing a closed-loop control welding process that responds to the various dynamics of today’s critical welds. Moreover, CLC ultrasonic spot welding machine provides accuracy, repeatability, and reliability.


Product Specifications    


20 kHz nominal

Ultrasonic Power Output

3.6 kW maximum

Power Supply

230 VAC single phase; 16 Amp max

Weld Force

~5,500 Newton maximum


178 pounds (80.6 kg)
H - 35" (90 cm)
W - 24" (61 cm)
L - 10" (25.4 cm)

Controller Cabinet

~111 pounds (50 kg)
H - 24" (61 cm)
W - 24" (61 cm)
L - 13" (33 cm)

Visual Display

15.5 inch touch screen display

Weld Material

Aluminum (Al)
Copper (Cu)

Dynamic Force and Amplitude Control™

with Multi-Step Welding

  •  Capability of over 20 weld steps with unique force and amplitude parameters
  • Ability to change and adjust force and amplitude during the weld cycle to optimize welding parameters for each specific wire application
  • Direct-drive servo motor provides the ability to weld thicker stacks to busbar utilizing a wider horn

Load Cell Force Feedback

Single Micron Resolution

  • Consistent measurement and ultrasonic output produce high cPk values
  • Measurement of pre-weld and post-weld height and width
  • Cross section area measurement and calculation for additional quality control

Higher Efficiency and Quality Control

  •  Driven by Servo Motors
  •  Longer Tooling Life
  • Capability to reduce excess stress on foils and tabs by using ideal welding parameters; limits rifts in material
  • Soft touch landing on weld materials controlled by servo
  • Prevents tearing damage to surface layers of foils or tabs on impact
  • Option for a set home position, lower level than fully open position, to shorten cycle times



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