Spin Welding Machines

Our spin welding machines have been developed over the years through our extensive and professional experience incorporating a group of features to give you a high degree of reliability, stability and ease of use.

Key Points:

  • 'H' frame aluminium casting construction
  • Servo driven – both axis
  • Touch screen control interface
  • Facility to weld and monitor in time, distance and rotation
  • Accurate radial positioning to within 0.5°
  • Height adjustment and depth setting to 0.01mm via servo drive
  • Adjustable load position to minimise stroke
  • Rotational speed: 0 – 3000rpm
  • Optional gearbox for increased torque
  • 99 Program memory
  • Removable CF card for easy updates to machine control software
  • Printout capability of all set parameters
  • Sliding table as standard with guarding
  • Standard Options: Part Sensing and Part Ejection
  • Easily adapted to suit automated lines
  • British built and design

Depending on the application all of our machines can be adapted to suit the majority of customers’ requirements.

Our spin welders include servo motors, which enable precise control for variable speed and stopping positions.

The improved performance offered by our range of spin welding equipment has been well proven in production applications ranging from ball float manufacturers to filters for the automotive industry.

Please contact us on +44 (0) 1582 436 000 for more information on our spin welding services.

Further Information

For more information, download our Servo Spin Brochure.