Plastic Welding Services for the Automotive Sector

In the automotive sector, a variety of plastic welding technologies are used to join both large and small plastic components. In a precision industry such as automotive manufacturing, you need welding technologies and equipment that can cope reliably within a fast paced sector.

At Xfurth our team of qualified engineering specialists have more than 90 years’ experience providing cost-effective solutions to businesses in the automotive industry.

Different welding applications require different approaches. For automotive businesses, you will typically need a combination of ultrasonic welding systems, infrared welders, vibration welding machines and hybrid solutions.

Ultrasonic Machine XUM63-100-2020 with extended sliding table

Welding applications in the automotive industry

Plastic welding is used for hundreds of applications in automotive manufacturing. Some of these include:

  • Headlight and backlight components.
  • Engine manifolds
  • Instrumental panels.
  • Securing sensors to bumpers.
  • Automotive filters or pick up pipes.
  • Insulating and strengthening of interior/exterior panels.

Our services

Our services include all the expertise, tooling and machinery you need to get a flawless welding result. We are an ISO 9001 and Engineering Industries Association accredited specialist with unrivalled access to the best British, European and international welding technologies.

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