Spin Welder

The machine was manufactured for the assembly of an automotive under bonnet part with the requirement of the top moulding to be radially positioned. The machine also has two part sensors to check for pre-assembled parts prior to welding which stops the machine operating unless these parts are present. The part is moulded in 30 % glass filled nylon and the weld joint must with stand a 21 day test which involves climate, vibration and pressure. The top cap is position by the servo spin axis and the weld depth is controlled via ball screw and servo motor. All weld parameters are monitor via the HMI.

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Spin welding machines are specialized tools used in the plastic welding industry, ideal for joining circular thermoplastic parts. This process involves applying pressure and rotational motion to create frictional heat, which melts the joining surfaces, resulting in a strong, hermetic seal. Spin welding is known for its speed, efficiency, and the ability to produce high-quality welds consistently. These machines are often used in applications where precision and strength are crucial, such as in automotive, consumer goods, and medical device manufacturing.

Plastic spin welder for automotive assembly – Xfurth

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