Plastic Welding Services for the Medical Sector

Medical engineering requires a level of accuracy, hygiene and reliability than many other sectors. This necessitates an industry-specific approach to welding that obtains the results you need while mitigating against the undesirable side-effects of welding, such as fumes and dust.

Our team of highly qualified and experienced engineers at Xfurth have extensive experience working in the medical sector to provide reliable advice, machinery, tooling and repair services.

Our range of welding technologies give you manufacturing results you can rely on time and again, no matter what component you are working with.

Plastic welding for the medical industry

Our ultrasonic and vibration welding machines are successfully used by medical businesses when manufacturing a wide selection of applications and components. Examples of such projects include:

  • Plastic diaphragms
  • Respirator seals
  • Fleece membranes
  • Connector assemblies
  • Plastic housing for sensors and other components
  • Silicon ball joints and housing
  • Aroma valves

For specialist advice about what kind of welding technology you need for different processes, please don’t hesitate to get in touch with one of our engineers. We are always happy to help.

Our services

Our services include machinery sales from our own workshop and some of the world’s leading welding manufacturers, specialist consultancy, product development and breakdown support. We are not tied to a single welding technology: we use vibration, ultrasonic, spin, laser and infrared/hotplate welding according to which solution brings the best results for our customers.

Xfurth is ISO 9001 accredited and is an active member of the Engineering Industries Association (EIA).

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