Plastic Welding Services for the Food Manufacturing Sector

Precision plastic welding machinery is essential in the food industry, where a variety of manufacturing, cutting and packaging methods are required to process edible products. The delicate nature of food components require a special engineering approach, as do the hygiene requirements incumbent on the food industry.

At Xfurth we understand the unique welding requirements of food manufacturing and cutting businesses, and supply industry-specific solutions to meet your needs. We supply welding equipment alongside tooling, consultancy and product development services to meet the specific applications required by your business. Get in touch for further details.

Food manufacturers frequently use ultrasonic plastic welding to process everything from dosing caps to milk cartons and pet food sachets. Other welding systems are also sometimes required, which is why we offer our customers the benefit of more than 30 years industry experience, in order to provide a truly bespoke solution.


How welding is used in the food and drink industry

Dozens of everyday food and drink processing tasks involve thermoplastic welding. Some of these include:

  • Blister seals for cups and containers.
  • Bag seals for dried food, such as pasta.
  • Tubular sachet seals (reusable and single use).
  • Leak proof seams for sauces and wet food cartons.
  • Attaching screw nozzles to fruit juice cartons.

What we offer food businesses

We are proud to work with many clients in the food industry to provide cutting-edge welding machinery, repair and design services. With a highly qualified team of engineers and an established reputation as one of the country’s leading welding technology manufacturers, Xfurth is well placed to provide the full spectrum of design, development and specialist consultancy services.

We are members of the Engineering Industries Association (EIA) and are accredited to ISO 9001 standards.

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