UK’s leading manufacturer and supplier of plastics welding and joining systems

Xfurth was formed by the former staff and employees of Herfurth UK following its closure in 2002. Recognising the excellent reputation and unique level of service Herfurth UK offered to it’s customers during 18 years of operation, the former staff and employees identified a need for the continued availability of the products and services formerly offered to industry and Xfurth Ltd was formed to meet this need.
Since the formation of Xfurth the company has continually developed its plastic welding technologies, equipment and services to ensure their position as a market leader in thermoplastic welding technologies. Xfurth have also continued to support and service equipment, machines, generators, transducers and tooling, as formerly supplied by Herfurth UK allowing former customers to continue to enjoy the working relationships established with the same people with whom they worked with at Herfurth UK. Xfurth is one of the UK’s leading suppliers of plastics welding, cutting and joining systems. The capability to design and manufacture all of its own products makes Xfurth the leading UK manufacturer of plastics welding machines and ensured its continued growth over the past 16 years. With a global customer base Xfurth has grown to become an internationally recognized industry brand.



Ultrasonic Welding

Ultrasonic welding machines can be used for various functions such as component welding, spot-welding, riveting, swaging, inserting and de-gating mouldings.


Ultrasonic Tooling And Fixtures

We design and manufacture a wide range of ultrasonic tools (sonotrodes/horns) with varying frequencies for all makes of machines, suitable for all welding applications.


Spin Welding

Our spin welding machines have been developed over the years through our extensive and professional experience incorporating a group of features.


Vibration Welding

In partnership with CEMAS Elettra we are able to supply vibration welders which come in a range of sizes suitable for various components.

Since the beginning of 2015 Xfurth became the UK sales and support partners for Italian based manufacturer Cemas Elettra, enabling us to offer: Vibration, Laser, Infrared, Hotplate and Hybrid welding machines tooling and equipment.

Please contact us on +44 (0) 1582 436 000 or fill out our enquiry form for more information on our plastics welding joining systems, design and manufacturing services.


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